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We are a company of creators. It's our goal to help you create visual material that takes your marketing to the next level. Through a combination of our reasonable prices and skill level we are the everyman's video production company. Work with us and let's create something unique.

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  • Computer aided drafting (CAD)
  • Laser scanning services in the nature of building documentation scanning services
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Architectural consulting
  • Architectural, engineering and construction drafting (AEC)
  • Computer modeling services and animation design services for others, namely, visual image solutions (VIS)
  • Graphic illustration services for others, namely, architectural visualization services
  • Architectural, engineer, shop, structural, systems, construction and building drawings and renderings
  • Engineering services, namely, facilities management services
  • Animation design
  • Website for the dissemination of information regarding computer modeling services featuring CAD, BIM, EDB, VIS and AEC
  • Consulting services in the field of computer modeling
  • Design and development of multimedia products

About CDNX & Cadnetics

Every person, business, or product has a story. At CDNX Media we want to help you tell that story through video. Whether it is video for marketing, education, or documentation we can create a final product that lines up with your message. At CDNX we have the experience, education, and enthusiasm to create. From small editing projects to full scale production we can make it happen.

Through this division of Cadnetics we would love to have the possibility of working with you. So far we have done video work with companies varying in game design, entertainment, and non-profits. We are continually updating our technology and software knowledge to provide our customers with a variety of unparalleled services to give their businesses the eye catching material they need.

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